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Campanda Team

Campanda in numbers

Founded: April 2013

  • More than 26,000 vehicles
  • More than 950 cities
  • 42 countries
  • 5 continents
  • 8 websites in 6 languages

The concept

Around the worldAt users can search for RV rental deals around the world or offer their own motorhome or trailer to prospective customers. We work with a large number of businesses and private RV owners in order to deliver the best possible choice.

Customers can easily compare price, location and vehicle amenities on the Campanda website and then book their chosen camper online. Our price guarantee means that customers can always be sure of securing the lowest available price. International customers can choose from 8 localized websites in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

Rental companies and RV owners who would like to join our community of suppliers can sign up for free. Find out more about joining us as a supplier here.

The company

Campanda - Holidays on wheelsCampanda’s founder, Chris Möller, is not just an entrepreneur but also a champion of the growing “sharing economy”. Way back at the very outset of his career he had a particularly keen interest in online networks and platforms that make sharing personal property possible. Chris belongs to the earliest generation of entrepreneurs to have recognized the internet’s power to bring together those interested in lending out or borrowing useful things. In 2003, when the online services industry was still in its earliest days, Chris started the online marketplace Erento, which grew into a successful, entirely web-based business.

Chris, who was born in Switzerland, is a big camping enthusiast who can’t imagine a life without his vacations on the road. He’s also the proud owner of a small fleet of RVs, which he of course gladly rents out to anyone not lucky enough to own their own motorhome. And when you consider that the average recreational vehicle sits around, unused, for much of the year, owning your own motorhome doesn’t always make a lot of sense. That’s why Chris came up with Campanda: an online platform that makes motorhome and trailer rental easy, both for RV owners and for potential renters. Campanda was founded in April 2013, bringing together RV rental companies, private motorhome owners and camping enthusiasts. Now just about anyone really can enjoy a holiday on wheels.