Campervan hire Bath

Rollerteam Zefiro 685 Motorhome - Pucklechurch
per night
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This model has five beds. This is an ideal motorhome for families with children. Much like a hi-line motorhome, you can still enjoy an extra bed. It has a double drop down bed above the lounge storable during the day. It has a large garage accessib More »
Sleeps 5Sleeps 5
Seats 5Seats 5
Location BS16 9PD Pucklechurch 8.2 miles away from Bath
Sunlight T68 – Semi-Integrated Motorhome for 4 - Pucklechurch
per night
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This motorhome offers enough space for a trip for 4. The roof window provides plenty of daylight. There are 2 single beds in the rear. The seating area can be converted into a bed for 2 more travelers.In the kitchen, there is a 3-burner stove, a frid More »
Sleeps 4Sleeps 4
Seats 4Seats 4
Location BS16 9PD Pucklechurch 8.2 miles away from Bath

When Planning Your Holiday to Bath, Hire a Campervan from Campanda

If you’re planning a trip through the UK, Bath is a must-see area. From the Roman Baths to the Holburne Museum, Bath boasts dozens of world-class attractions that will appeal to travellers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. If you’re planning a trip to Bath, the second step after organizing your itinerary is to consider your transportation. While a personal car can get you into and around Bath just fine, it’s important to consider the comfort and functionality of a personal car over the long-term. In addition to the fact that a long trip to Bath will subject your vehicle to wear and tear that can later lead to a full-on breakdown, traveling to Bath is also meant to be fun and enjoyable – which is a hard thing to achieve if you’re crammed into a tiny car all the time. Luckily, there is an alternative to travellers who are interested in exploring other options: motorhome hire.

At Campanda, we offer campervans for hire that are meant to help travellers enjoy their trip to Bath in comfort. As one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the world, Bath has the potential to change the way you view the UK and it’s important to undergo a trip like that in a comfortable campervan. At Campanda, you can hire a campervan in which to explore Bath and the surrounding areas. To learn more about how motorhome hire can change your trip to Bath, contact Campanda today!

Why Choose Campervan Hire in Bath?

While there are many reasons to secure campervan hire in Bath, one of the most obvious is the fact that campervan hire in Bath can help you save money on your holiday. Because hiring a campervan means that you don’t have to purchase hotel rooms every night of your stay, it’s a move that can easily save you a great deal of money throughout the course of your trip. Regardless of whether you hire a small or large campervan, there’s no question that campervan hire is the least expensive and most comfortable way to navigate your trip to Bath.

In addition to saving you money on hotels, a campervan can also help you save money on dining out. Many of our campervan models feature built-in kitchenettes, which are perfect for travellers who want to make their own meals rather than eating in restaurants at every turn. If you do choose to dine out in one of Bath’s delicious restaurants, it’s easy to use your kitchenette to heat up your leftovers to enjoy at a later date!

Finally, choosing campervan hire in Bath helps preserve the life of your personal car. By parking your car during your holiday to Bath and driving a well-serviced, well-maintained campervan instead, you can help prevent damaging wear and tear on your personal car and encourage it to keep running well far into the future. Thanks to these things and many other factors, it’s clear that campervan hire in Bath is one of the best, cheapest, easiest and most enjoyable ways to see the beauty of the Bath region.

What to See with Your Campervan Hire in Bath

After you’ve picked up your campervan hire in Bath, turn your attention to planning an unforgettable itinerary. There are dozens of things to do in Bath, but these ten remain the most popular among locals and visitors alike:

  • Visit the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths are some of Bath’s most famous and globally-known attractions. Dating back to Roman times, the Roman Baths remain virtually untouched and are a fantastic place to get a feel for the history and culture of ancient and modern Bath.
  • Take some walking tours. There are plenty of agencies within Bath that offer material for self-guided walking tours. These are a fantastic way to see what the city has to offer and get some exercise at the exact same time.
  • Visit Alexandra Park. To take in a beautiful view of Bath or enjoy a relaxing picnic with your traveling companions, head to the green space of Alexandra Park.
  • Enjoy afternoon tea. Bath is a place where the tradition of afternoon tea is still alive and well. Enjoy it at one of the many tea houses downtown and feel free to substitute your tea for champagne in order to enjoy some added flavour!
  • Eat a delicious meal. Bath boasts many delicious eateries in the downtown area and it’s easy to find virtually any cuisine you’re looking for.
  • Take in the history of the area. Take a walk along the Royal Crescent and view the museum at No. 1 for a taste of Bath’s historical and cultural significance.
  • Head to the Jane Austen Centre. Get a taste for Jane Austen’s life and creativity at the Jane Austen Centre.
  • Catch a rugby game. Look into the schedule of when the Bath Rugby team plays at the rec to get yourself to a game.
  • Enjoy a tipple tasting. Head to one of the local pubs to enjoy local ales and gins.
  • Take a spa day. The Thermae Bath Spa is one of the most famous in the world, so be sure to enjoy an afternoon soak.

Once you’ve visited all ten attractions in Bath, feel free to head back to your campervan and relax into your comfortable bed for the evening. When you hire a Campervan from Campanda, you’ll always have the option of going “home,” no matter where you are. Save money, enjoy Bath, and create memorable experiences when you hire a campervan from us. To learn more about our campervan selection or to start renting your campervan today, contact Campanda and speak first-hand to our support staff. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and will always go out of our way to ensure that the campervan you wind up with is the one that can truly enhance your trip.