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Visit the Australian Outback, the Bush and Surfing Areas in One Go with the Help of the Luxurious Campanda Motorhome Vehicles

The Australian urban area is small compared with the amount of desert and other uninhabited locations on the continent. The country features some amazing urban landscapes and attractions for the curious visitor, including the famous Australian surfing beaches, which are usually set up near coastal cities. The best way to enjoy all these to the fullest is to hire a campervan and travel freely with minimum costs.
Of course, the offers for campervans for hire are numerous, not all of them reliable, so it is advisable to choose a reliable provider. At Campanda, our offer includes a selection of over 25,000 vehicles, with various options fit for every group or family.
Since our business’ inception, we have branched out in over 32 countries around the world, including multiple states in the U.S., Europe and New Zealand. These areas benefit from about 816 pick-up places, and, of course, we have the best campervan hire Australia deals available.

The Obvious Advantages of Renting an RV from Campanda

Those that love to feel the adrenaline rushing through their veins will be happy to find out that Australia is home to some of the most dangerous and venomous animals on the planet. On the other hand, it is also possible to enjoy a safe and relaxing campervan hire Australia vacation, as most vehicles have reliable protection systems that will keep insects and animals away at all cost, while ensuring ultimate peace of mind to their inhabitants. All the risks and fears related to tent camping, for example, will be history.
Speaking of tents, they will no longer be n option, as in our motorhome hire, you will have all the comfort and amenities you need and you will feel like home everywhere you go. Besides a cosy bed for the night, the vehicle you choose for your trip could be equipped with air conditioning, to cool you down when you cruise through the hot Australian desert, on the Great Central Road or Gunbarrel Highway to the West. The kitchen will allow you to enjoy your favourite dishes or test the new recipes you come across along the way.
Continuing the idea started above, the biggest advantage of renting your own RV, is that you do not have to spend money on booking hotels along the route or eating in restaurants. You will not waste precious time packing and unpacking your luggage in a tight car trunk either, and you will not have to hurry to catching a train or a bus. You will be able to change course and stop for rest whenever and wherever you wish.
Due to the fact that a large portion of the country is composed of remote areas (sometimes you can drive for days on end without finding any cities or gas stations), it is ideal to travel in a motorhome, as you will have everything you need for the road, and boredom or exhaustion will not be a reason for concern.
Just imagine mocking the hot desert son throughout your campervan hire Australia vacation with cold drinks in the included refrigerator, lying in a king size bed and watching the games of your favourite team on satellite TV.

Places in Which One of Our Motorhome Vehicles Will Come in Handy

As previously mentioned, it is best to plan your campervan hire Australia itinerary in advance. While using a motorhome can be much less expensive than switching between hotels and other accommodations, if you do not plan your route carefully, you can end up driving for hours towards nowhere due to the vast desert landscape of the continent.
At Campanda, we understand the importance of a great plan, so our friendly customer service representatives will take it upon themselves to discuss with satisfied customers and ask for recommendations for future travellers. Here are just a few of the most famous destinations visited and recommended by our clients:
  • For those who are no fans of the hot deserts of the continent and those visiting from across the borders who want to take a good look at the Australian city sights, Sydney is one of the most famous destinations. North of the city is the Sydney Harbour National Park. From around this area you can catch a train that trails the whole city for about a half an hour, so you can experience most of the city landmarks.
  • Queensland is a great destination for fans of Australian wildlife. Your campervan hire Australia trip will take you through Cape Tribulation of Daintree National Park. Just leave your vehicle parked at the campground in Noah Beach and go spotting for possums, crocodiles, cassowaries and other interesting creatures. Because the beach is near the forest canopy, you can expect natural protection from the harsh sun and salty breeze of the sea.
  • If you are visiting Australia or you are a native looking to relax on the white sandy beaches in the sun, you can count on the beaches at Lucky Bay, Thistle Cove, Rossiter Bay, and Le Grand Beach near the Cape Le Grand National Park. Lucky Bay is an especially great swimming spot, and you can partake in snorkelling or relax in the sand while kangaroos wonder about.
  • North of Melbourne lays the Grampians National Park in Victoria. This area is one of the favourites of photographers and people passionate about nature and its constructs in general. Besides admiring the rock art of the Aboriginal people, you can climb the rocky summits with spectacular views, walk through the beautiful forests intertwined with waterfalls, or you can just make use of the various facilities in the park, including barbecues, tables, water tanks, information bays and use the campervan hire Australia campsites to park your vehicle.
As you can see, Australia abounds in destinations for every taste. Of course, the trip would be inconvenient without a proper campervan to allow you to set your own rules, make your own schedule and to assure your self-sufficiency. Our contact details, including email address and telephone number, are present in the Contacts section of our website. Use then to hire a campervan and drive off into the southern sunset!